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   Harajuku Sushi and Crepe

black rice and gluten free


We are available for parties, weddings, cooking classes, office functionS. We can bring the Food Truck. never too small, never too big, and much more!  Contact us for detailS.

Leave us a message: 626-789-4134

Please submit your inquiry for catering, corporate dining, special events and rentals.  For all catering events, please specify date, number of hungry people, time, menu items you are craving and where we will be feeding you. 


Move over, Salad. Make room, Sandwich. Clear out French Crêpe. There’s a new meal in town.

Enter a novel meal: the rice crêpe. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, this Japanese-style beauty is easy on the eyes; easier on the palate. We take rice flour, whip it into a silky mix, turn that on the griddle, and poof! It’s the foundation for a handheld meal that doubles as a work of art.  A rice crêpe is strong, pliable, and beautifully adaptive. It makes a tasty salad, omelet, yogurt, lunch, dinner, or snack totally portable. Take a nibble—and transport yourself to Harajuku. 

We fill our crêpes with dreamy ingredients in just the right proportions: ripe avocado, plump shrimp, smoky pork, fluffy eggs, whipped yogurt (yes, the good kind), and summer fresh fruit (not all at once!).  Craving a fresh salad? Our Harajuku dressings are a study in house special sauce. Need something sweet? Our chocolate, ice cream, yogurt Parfait, and other dessert crêpes are overflowing with fresh berries, homemade matcha chocolate truffle, and the fluffiest probiotic-rich yogurt in all of New York. 

Every crêpe is wheat-free, and our carefully sourced ingredients make them light on your conscience as well as your figure.  Whether you’ve got a sweet side or a savory one, we’ll craft you a crêpe to fall in love with.

Black Rice sushi is the most innovative multi-grain sushi in terms of sushi rice.

The Harajuku Black Rice sushi comes from natural Black Rice (aka Forbidden rice) which is the main ingredient of multi-grain sushi rice.

We are very proud of introducing Black Rice sushi to more and more people all over the world and planning on our Black Rice sushi making a healthier world.


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1.  Sushi plate                     

     4 pieces sushi, california roll

2.  Spicy california roll       

3.  Spicy tuna roll                

4.  Spicy salmon roll           

5.  Salmon avocado roll     

6.  Shrimp tempura roll      

7.  Samurai roll                      

      inside: shrimp tempura and cucumber

      top: spicy tuna

      sauce: eel sauce

8.  Fabulous roll (no rice)  

      tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado, cucumber,

      peanut, tempura flakes, cilantro, rice paper

      sauce: eel sauce

9.  Sushi Burger                   

       black rice, tortilla, spicy salmon, tempura white 

       tuna, avocado, cilantro, crunch

       sauce: house special

10. Tuna  Amazing              

        inside: tempura white tuna, spicy tuna

        top: torch tuna and avocado

        sauce: house special

11.  King Tuna roll               

        inside: spicy tuna, mango, avocado

        top: Cajun tuna, avocado, tempura flakes

        sauce: house special

12.  Sushi Sandwich            

         spicy tuna, spicy salmon, avocado, tempura 

         flake, soy paper,black rice

         sauce:  spicy mayo , eel sauce


13.  Sushi Burrito                 

        soy paper, spicy crab, salmon, spicy tuna, 

        avocado, cucumber, tempura flake, cilantro,

        tempura shrimp, black rice

        sauce: house special

14.  Rainbow roll                  

        inside: crab, avocado, cucumber

        top: tuna, salmon, white tuna, albacore, avocado

15.  Green Machine            

         inside: avocado, cucumber, asparagus 

         top: avocado

         sauce: Japanese vegan sauce


16.   Strawberry  Banana                    

        strawberry, banana, whipped yogurt, custard   

        cream, almonds

17.   Banana Nut Chocolate                

        banana , chocolate truffle, whipped yogurt,

        custard cream, almonds

18.   Caramelized Banana                   

        caramelized banana, peanut butter, roasted

        honey peanuts, whipped yogurt, custard cream

        caramel sauce

19.   Matcha Stripe Chocolate             

        strawberry, house made chocolate truffle,

        whipped yogurt, matcha custard cream,

        chocolate sauce, almonds

20.   Harajuku Fruit Cocktail               

         strawberry, banana, mango, blueberry, lychee

         whipped yogurt, custard cream, almonds

21.   Lychee Valentine                           

         lychees, strawberry, whipped yogurt, coconut

         cream, sprinkles, almonds

22.   Banana Paradise                           

         house tempura banana , cheese, chocolate 

         cream, coconut cream, caramel sauce

23.   Azuki  Berries                                 

         azuki bean, strawberry, whipped yogurt, matcha

         custard  cream, ice cream, pocky sticks,


24.   Spread The Love                           

         mango, strawberry, custard cream, whipped yogurt,

         ice cream, pocky sticks

25.   Pina Colada                                    

         tempura banana, pineapple, coconut flakes,

         whipped yogurt, custard cream, ice cream

26.   NY Blueberry Cheesecake                 

         fresh blueberry, blueberry reduction, vanilla ice cream,

         whipped cream cheese, whipped yogurt, custard cream,

         pocky sticks


27. Dancing Shrimp                               

       shrimp tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber,

       black rice, tempura flakes, mango, pineapple

       with house special sauce

28. Harajuku pan-seared rice              

       sausage, scrambled egg, beans, cheddar cheese,

       cilantro, black rice, with house special sauce


29. Harajuku Pork Belly                         

       bacon, lettuce, black rice, cucumber, avocado, spicy 

       bamboo shoots, mixed greens

30. Alaskan Smoked Salmon               

       smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado,        

       cucumber, mixed greens

31. Tuna Mango                                    

       sashimi tuna, mango, avocado, caviar, black rice,

       mixed greens with house special sauce


32. Cajun Salmon                                  

       sashimi cajun salmon,avocado,caviar, crunch, 

       crab salad, mixed greens

       sauce: spicy mayo, eel sauce

33  Harajuku Kani                                  

       spicy crab, cucumber, mango, avocado, crunch, 

       shiso leaf tempura, cilantro, strawberry

       sauce: eel sauce

34. Vegetarian Lover                            

       aged tofu, spicy bamboo shoots, avocado, mixed greens,

       cucumber, black rice

       sauce: spicy chili and miso sauce

35. Crispy Oyster                                  

       fried fresh oysters, avocado, cucumber,

       spicy tuna, mixed greens, tempura flakes, black rice

       sauce: house special

36. Chicken Teriyaki crepe                   

37. Salmon Tempura crepe                  

38. Ahi Tuna Poke crepe                      

       ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad, spring

       mix salad, sesame seed, black rice, hot sauce

39. Lobster Crepe                                   

       lobster salad, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber,

avocado, spring mix, black rice




BOTTLED WATER                               

ALOE DRINK                                      

HOUSE MADE ICED TEA